home made body butter

I made my first home made body butter…and it’s incredibly easy. I found the recipe here on craftster. I didn’t follow the measurements in ounces (too lazy to convert), so I just mixed:

– 3 parts grated cocoa butter

– 4 parts organic virgin coconut oil (smells amazing!)

Melt the ingredients completely in a double boiler (or microwave), pour the mixture in a container with lid and let it cool. It’s ok to put it in the fridge so it cools down faster.

The container I used is a recycled body shop cream container. I usually save them, and now I can just start experimenting with more creams and lotions. I’m kind of sick of paraffin (Nivea) or glycerin based (Body Shop) body creams!

Next I’ll try with shea butter…and will buy some essential oils as well.


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