from the COP

As you can (maybe) see from the neon thermometer in downtown Copenhagen, it’s zero C° degrees here. And it started snowing – plus we now have a nice ice skate ring outside our door with snowflakes lights!

The city is full of people from all over the world coming here for the climate conference. We had our own Italian journalist guest, my friend Stefy, and headed to the alternative conference, Klimaforum 09, the people’s summit – aka a completely free forum with international speakers and NGOs, parallel to COP15…

The mermaid was there too. We went to see a talk with Vandana Shiva, the Indian ecologist and activist. She’s a wonderful speaker. Her last book is called Soil not Oil.

Stefy and I attended some eco-feminist workshops as well, and then she randomly went to some eco-conspiracy theory meeting, I wish I was there! I could only take a photo of the poster. Awesome…

Sharing my deep environmental thoughts during an interview at the Klimaforum…

Andreas gargoylefied, and here we are in the town hall square turned into the greenest eco-nightmare!

Waiting for Obama’s visit in the P of HOPE. (?) Ando chose the O. And here a nice article on Obama from the Guardian.

HOPE is trendy everywhere lately. But Hopenhagen just sounds so BAD! Even worst then the past city slogans: Copenhagen – You’ll Cope with it (pleaseeee), and cOPENhagen….buuuuuuh. We need a marketing manager!

At least the good Scandinavian traditions are still alive…

Santa Lucia! And a good squash soup in a small café. See you soon Stefy!

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