Mc Italy, anyone?


I’ve only eaten at Mc Donalds 3 times in my whole life, I think their food is garbage and their values completely unethical (I know I’m a little extremist about it!). And I just found out that the Italian government has teamed up with Mc Donalds to launch the Mc Italy burger. I guess that perfectly fits the surreal situation Italy has been in for the past 10 years or so. This is the article the Guardian wrote on this. And below is part of the answer (to the article) by Italy’s minister of agriculture….ready for some nonsense? :-)

…thousands of European farmers are facing the consequences of the worst economic crisis since ’29. McItaly will bring to the Italian farmers three million and 448 thousand Euros of additional income per month. It will also enable McDonald’s clients to eat a healthy burger made with PDO and PGI ‘Made in Italy’ products.We hope this will convince them to forget about junk food and choose a healthier and better quality food. We are sure it will work.

Then, we will become modern Jesuits and try to “convert the infidels” of the left, who have never dirtied their hands by working in the fields. They are the same people who, after preaching against those who – like me – work to ensure quality as a right for everybody instead of a luxury for élite consumers, run towards the ‘Organic Food’ aisles of supermarkets with their heavy wallets and light consciences.

Luca Zaia
Minister of Agriculture Food and Forestry Policies

What in the world are you talking about minister? Mmh…


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