Sunday morning

Sunday morning, on the way to a book sale…

That’s right outside our apartment! It was impossible to bike, so we just walked

we took a shortcut, crossing Assistens Kirkegård, the famous cemetery where H.C.Andersen and Kierkegaard and other famous Danes are buried

…and where there are always people jogging. Even in this weather!

before going home we had a huge brunch, and then were both in a food coma. My vegetarian brunch included a tower of honey-glazed roasted beets topped by a grilled aubergine, with melted goat cheese on top! (plus 3 kind of cheese with homemade syltetøj, yogurt with berries, spelt salad, fruit, scrambled eggs, rye bread and butter….).

The cafè had a lovely fire place, with a moose head on top (not quite sure that’s the name of the animal in English! maybe is an elk?)

It was hard to walk back home, when all we wanted to do was just stay there and sleep in front of the fire place….sometimes cafès exaggerate with coziness in Scandinavia


6 thoughts on “Sunday morning

  1. trasferimento avvenuto ehehhe
    dal primo marzo abbiamo la casa (che è comunque quella in cui stiamo già)
    a fine febbraio scendiamo a BG per recuperare le ultime cose…se ti va puoi seguire le nostre avventure (chiamiamole così) qui:
    tra qualche giorno vai a SF? giusto?!

    un bacio e un abbraccio stretto ;)

  2. I’m not quite sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I love your photos. I studied in Sweden (at Lunds Universitet) during college and spent a lot of time in Denmark. I’m very fond of my time in Scandinavia.


  3. Hello Valeria, :-)

    I just discovered your blog because you commented on one of my blog posts.
    I really like your blog, it seems that we have many things in commun including the vegantarian lifestyle, podcasts love and we both live in “snowed in” countries. :-)

    I’d love to go to Copenhagen. Maybe I’ll go this year, but nothing is sure yet. *crosses fingers*

    See you on the blogosphere! It’s great to discover new people.

    1. Hi Fanie! thanks for your comment :-) I love Montreal by the way, I spent a month there after my graduation. I remember a wonderful vegan restaurant, the best I’ve ever been to! Hope you’ll visit CPH soon, and if so, drop me a line if you want :-)

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