In the city

This is how February can look like here! All these photos are from a couple of days ago…

This is by Dolores Park, close to where we live now. We hope to find a place to stay in this area, and we are probably going to see another flat this weekend – it’s a nice room with deck in a big house. More photos from our walk….

I found the necklace in a box, on the sidewalk. This is Dolores Park

I like how pretty the houses are around here…and I love all the palm trees!

This is really a whole different world compared to Scandinavia! You can just get a shot of svine-flu vaccine in a drugstore (18$)…

…and when I opened my American bank account I had the option to get the Hello Kitty debit card and checkbook!

I didn’t. It was tempting though. I like how here self-expression is part of daily life. In business too. This (German) guy’s company name is really inspiring.

More photos from our American adventure will be posted soon!


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