Yonder Yucatan

Hey! Here we are, in a small town in central Yucatan state, the only tourists as far as we can see – and loving it! The first piece of news from this update is that I’m no vegetarian in Mexico. It’s just impossible, and I found out as soon as I stepped into the airport in Mexico City. Good for me and my survival – now I’m eating chicken every day (fajitas, roasted chicken, sopa de lima, panuchos…all are delicious!).

When we first got here the weather was “definitely swelteringly gnarly hot”, so Andreas said. And for my relatives and friends: un caldo torrido allucinante!! Add to it the crazy traffic and smog and noise of Merida, and you can bet a Danish-American feels like crying, hehe…Now it cooled down and it’s deliciously warm.

So far we’ve been to Merida, Izamal and Oxkutzcab, where we are now, far from the main touristic route because of my research – and everybody is so sweet with us, I kind of wanna stay in Yucatan forever…Tomorrow I’m conducting an interview and then we’ll go visit the Lol Tun caves (73 meters underground). We drove through some very small Maya villages, and it was eye-opening, both in a good and a bad way. I love how they have hammocks hanging in their houses, they don’t seem to use beds.

We skipped Cancun, the Maya Riviera, the Mexican Gulf coast (in fact we didn’t go to the coast at all, and we don’t plan to) and we also skipped Chichen Itza´, because we are going to come back and see Elton John in concert there in April (!).  No, not really, instead we are going to see something better…

That’s all for now – saludos y fajitas! V & A


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