Mexico photos!

Back from Mexico! It was truly a great adventure, especially because our itinerary was mostly determined by my research, which didn’t consider sunny beaches…

First stop: Merida, the crazy capital of the state of Yucatan. We visited a couple of museums there. The traditional art & crafts museum displays some artwork in a bathroom, yeah!

And then we enjoyed the Yucatecan Music museum…Merida is famous for its rich musical culture. We visited this museum for my research, obviously Yucatecan traditional music is not so high in Andreas’ list…

One of the famous Meridan musicians looks apparently just like Ando’s uncle…

When we had enough of the lethal springy mattress in our cheap hotel we decided to move forward to Izamal, a wonderful little town with an impressive number of craftsmans and a beautiful convent. The whole city is painted yellow. Very few tourists, almost none!

Despite the effort put by the Spaniards into destroying Maya temples and building convents on top of the former sacred sites, there are still many Maya temple sites right in town. Izamal is truly magic.

This is one, five minutes walk from the main square. You can climb on top of all of them. And most likely you will enjoy them all by yourself.

I should also mention how awesome our B&B was! Our room/hut was jungle-themed!

I want this bathroom in CPH!!

And I wanna paint our house PINK!

We had a hammock on the porch…

It was hard to leave beautiful Izamal, but we had to move forward. Namely towards the southwest of Yucatan, direction Ruta Puuc. We crossed a bunch of small maya villages.

It’s a nice drive, and many times we had the impression that we got lost in the middle of nowhere. Until at some point we found a sign…

One more stop to interview a Mayan man who lived in SF for 21 years…then it’s time to explore the caves of Lol Tun and finally the astonishing Mayan site of Uxmal (thanks for the advice Gemma!)

maybe climbing pyramids at noon is not something I’d recommend…but Uxmal is one of most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.

Uxmal is invaded by iguanas! They’re everywhere.

We stayed in the small village of Santa Elena (wonderful!) and our B&B, run by a Mayan man and his American wife, was unforgettable. Especially the tropical breakfast

We had to leave Santa Elena and head back to Merida, for our last night in Mexico. There we watched a show of the traditional Yucatecan dance, the Jarana, in the main square

It was pretty impressive to see the dancers performing while holding trays with beer and glasses on their head!

This past week felt like a beautiful adventure. We crossed towns where we slept in wonderful b&b with bowls full of flowers on our breakfast table, and other ones in which we spent an hour trying to find a place who would serve coffee for breakfast, as tacos, panuchos and enchiladas were THE only possible thing to eat. We meet many nice people, both locals and displaced Americans. We know we’ll be back one day!


Una risposta a "Mexico photos!"

  1. Hi there, thanks for the lovely pictures you’ve posted, and all the interesting text about your trip. Hope your interviews will sparkle in your paper!
    It sounds as if you manage to combine duty and pleasure, that is a gift!!!
    Peter just left an hour ago, he has “crashed” here from Tuesday to Friday. Tonight Aalborg (Morten’s) and then Frederikshavn.
    My website provider was in deep trouble since they went through one merger after the other, so my page is down – they have set up a new server, which I hope I can access, and then I have to reload all the stuff!!!! (Have the pages on my computer).
    Spring-time here – they have rolled up the skating-rink freezer-elements today.
    Sure Andreas I’ll tell Lisbet about the crack in the handrail.
    Much love and good luck ahead!

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