the perfect studio

atelierpompadour‘s studio, featured in the Etsy Open Studio Flickr pool

It’s been a long time without blogging…I’ve been really busy trying to organize my research, juggling interviews, classes, studying Spanish and reading anthropology books. Then I stumbled on this photo on Etsy: this looks to me like the perfect studio, and made me want to have a place like this for myself.

The lack of time sometimes is not the real reason behind the lack of making something creative. I’d say the lack of a good private space just dedicated to making art/craft/writing/whatever you like is the main problem. A space full of all the supplies you need and with tons of natural light, how dreamy!

In the meantime I keep my creative self busy with all sorts of art classes – like drawing (done), collage and bookbinding. That’s a good solution for pushing yourself to actually MAKE things.


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