Image transfers tutorial

I made these little wood cards during my awesome collage class at Root Division, a non-profit art organization in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco.

I xeroxed the owls images from a field guide to birds I found at the library, then made the transfers.

How to: 1) For the first one I used Matte Gel Acrylic Medium. I coated the image with the gel, using a foam sponge , then I placed it face down on the wood surface. Finally I covered it in wax paper, and burnished until the image tranferred.

2) For the ones in the second picture: I taped the photocopy face down to the primed wood surface, and rubbed wintergreen oil on them. Then I burnished the image for a few minutes and voilà…(I recommend using plastic gloves and keep the windows open while using the wintegreen oil technique).

A link to image transfer techniques:


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