Blogs are great

Since I joined FB I have been thinking a lot about…how much better blogs are as a way to express yourself online. Facebook is definitely more addictive, and compulsive, and pretty superficial, whether writing on a blog (and planning to write on it) requires a lot more thinking, believe it or not. My blog is still my notebook, where I write down and link to things I like, and is my photo album, too. It’s also a good place to practice my written English!

The pace of writing on a blog is much slower than posting something on FB, and reading the blogs I like is much more enjoyable than skimming very fast through people’s profiles on FB. People who read posts on my blog do so because they want to, because they google something that interest them, or just because they are friends or family…

Last but not least I’m love with WordPress in general, also because is an open source platform. If you want to start a blog, WordPress is the way to go!


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