Getting rid of facebook

Alright…my Facebook addiction has lasted around a week. Tonight I decided to cancel my account, opened about 8 days ago! Given that joining FB was mostly a skeptical experiment, the reasons for quitting are many:

1) I’ve already wasted WAY too much time on it

2) It looks like many people (most people I know) either don’t use it or got tired of it and canceled their accounts already. The hype is definitively over. Which may mean that FB is not that great social networking tool.

3) FB is really a more confused and professional looking version of myspace mixed with messenger (2 things I don’t use anymore). Skype & emails are so much better for keeping in touch.

4) It makes me anxious!

So…I tried to cancel my account. Or, as they say, “deactivate”. Guess what? You don’t cancel no thing! Basically what it says is that you can just log in again anytime with your email and password, if you change your mind. They keep all the infos and photos and everything.

So now I’m even happier that I’m getting out of it. I found a link with more complicated instructions about deleting your account (thanks WikiHow). So even after its death, my FB account is making me waste my time, WTF!

(By the way, I canceled my Myspace account and that was easy and definitive.)


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