Destination Olema

Few days before going back to Europe I went on a one-day “vacation”, away from the city of San Francisco. Destination: the Bear Valley. I stayed in Olema, CA, a small town of…245 people. I took this photo from the bus, right before reaching the Golden Gate Bridge. Fog by the Bay…

…and fog all over the city…it was GREAT to leave! the photo below is from the Golden Gate Bridge

The sun was shining in Olema!

It was a great day for hiking.

I stayed at the Bear Valley Inn, an ultra cozy Bed & Breakfast. It was great to sleep in a place where you couldn’t hear any noise at all. The night was so still, and a full moon was shining over the Bear Valley. Before going to bed I chatted with other 2 guests in front of the fireplace, drinking hot tea.

The day after at 8am I was awakened by a loud thunder: a storm has just started…My breakfast was delicious: homemade pancakes with blueberry and maple syrup, homemade yogurt and granola with fruit. I skipped the bacon.

I decided to do the last hike before going back to SF. The rain was lighter, and the nature out there is just so beautiful…It was a much needed break from the Mission (the neighborhood I lived in SF). I’m certainly going back there next time I go to California :-)


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