Travel photos/La Thuile

This last summer we went to a beautiful place during our summer holidays: La Thuile, in Valle d’Aosta (in Northwestern Italy, close to the border with France). We hiked in the Alps, ate great food and got a little sunburnt too. We stayed at my aunt Lucia’s summer house, where I used to spend my holidays as a child and then as a teenager…I used to ski up here too.

We found some patches of snow…Here we were at Lake Verney, about 2000mt over the sea level (6500 feet).

We spent two days looking for the smaller Lake Verney Superiore. Never found it. The second day we hiked up there we were hit by a violent storm. The weather in the Alps can change very suddenly…we met a Danish family with two small kids who decided to keep hiking uphill despite the black clouds! So dangerous, especially since we were above the tree line. No shelter anywhere up there!

…braving the elements…

…and totally drenched…

This hike is one of my favorites. Once I even found a piece of bomb from the second WW.

Another nice hike from La Thuile is the one to the waterfalls (Le Cascate).

…and the drive up to the border with France, that looks like this! (from France)

We were at the Passo del Piccolo San Bernardo (Little Saint Bernard Pass)

Sidney, Copenhagen, San Francisco…and Cebranlette??

It was a great week. I would recommend all foreign tourists to spend some time in the Alps of Valle d’Aosta, and avoid the usual Florence-Venice-Rome tour :-)




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