autumn in copenhagen!

Autumn is here. And if you ride the train up to Dyrehaven (North of Copenhagen), you can have close encounters with deer with huge antlers…just like this one. The park is huge, we got a little bit lost…

But there were deer pretty much everywhere. This is the season when you can hear their really loud mating calls…it’s a real show, and there are so many people watching and taking photos.

The beach is not by far from the park. The sea always looks beautiful, all year round. But there was nobody on the beach…

…actually there was a guy, although technically not ON the beach…he was bathing in the sea! these Danes are made of seal blubber.

I’m pretty sure the temperature was sub-zero! I was dressed like this:

and unfortunately I forgot my bikini, so I couldn’t bathe. Even though it looked so inviting, especially right after our brunch…and speaking of it, here is some leftover from Andreas’ brunch: laminated sausages! Or this is how the doggy bag looks like in fancy Danish cafes! Yeah!





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