reading blogs on Bloglovin

Finally I found a blog reader that I like! I follow around 10 blogs, and I have tried to use Google reader and Yahoo reader before, but I always ended up just clicking on the blogs links on my homepage.

The truth is I didn’t like the layout of neither the Google nor the Yahoo reader…Recently I came by another reader called Bloglovin, and now I use it every day. It has a very minimal and elegant interface, and each blog post is displayed with a quite large image (well, if they do have images, that is). It’s very easy: login (takes a second to get a profile, they just want email and password), then add your favorite blogs to your page.

You are notified when your favorite blogs post something new. This is how my page looks like when I open it:

And… if you want to start a blog, I’m personally a great fan of WordPress. It’s open source and they offer plenty of very flexible themes, completely for free. You can of course upgrade to the pay versions too, but I’m happy with my free blog. I store all my photos and video on a Flickr account (Pro version, I pay about 25$ a year for unlimited storage and it comes with a very nice online photo editing program, Picnic).

Blogs are fun, start one!


2 thoughts on “reading blogs on Bloglovin

  1. i like bloglovin’s interface, too, and it’s been my reader of choice. but have you noticed? … it’s become inundated with sooooo many ads in between posts.

    i’m your new follower on bloglovin! :)

  2. Hi! I haven’t noticed the ads, I wonder if they start appearing in the account after a while someone is using it? That would’t be so nice….I’ll wait and see. And thanks for following! :D

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