Hillery Rebeka Sproatt

Dolls by Hillery Rebeka Sproatt (via her Etsy Store)

Embroidery has always fascinated me. I remember taking a sewing & embroidery class in middle school, and being pleased by how easy and satisfying embroidery was….we did mostly cross stitch, chain stitch and a little bit of needlepoint. Since then I didn’t embroider very much, but few years ago I order a kit at Sublime Stitching and did some more…

Right now I’m very inspired by fiber arts, especially involving embroidery, and possibly combined with other media. So I was excited to read about Hillery Rebeka Sproatt on Papier Mache magazine #4 (you can read it here!).

I really like her art, especially the sewn pieces and the embroidery: here are some of my favorites, hope you like them too:

embroidery by Hillery Rebeka Sproatt (via her Etsy shop)

Hillery’s little embroideries in the picture above gave me an idea on what to do with a bag of these things that I bought at Godwill last spring:

By the way, does anybody know what they are? I can’t quite figure it out…And if you have any other suggestions on what to do with them, please let me know.

But back to Hillery:

I love this picture from her blog!

Here are some links to her work: her website, her Etsy shop and her nice blog.




2 risposte a "Hillery Rebeka Sproatt"

  1. The little round things are the first step for a patchwork pillow sham or duvet. My grandmother constantly would make those out of any fabric scraps or worn-out clothes (she was raised with the “no idle hands” ethic common in her era) while watching TV, while babysitting, over coffee, etc. When she made enough of them (a big bagful) she would either sew them together or crochet them together to make the pillow cover/quilt cover. It’s lovely that you’ve rescued a bag of circles from being left unused — please post whatever you end up doing with them!

    1. Thank you Jan! Making a pillow cover with them actually sounds interesting…so far I have tried to use them to make buttons, and I plan to post something about it soon.

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