orchid in bloom

We bought this orchid plant in August, and it is not only always in flower, it is also blooming now! That’s probably the first orchid I own that doesn’t mysteriously die after few weeks. I managed to take some pics of a flower opening…

And here it is…

I believe the orchid is doing so good because I have been following Else’s advice for watering orchids: I give the plant 1 dl of rain water (or previously boiled water) every week.

The washi tape is from Pugly Pixel. There’s nothing like having to write a master’s thesis in anthropology to make me so active in doing things like cleaning the house, baking cookies and learning how to use clip art in Photoshop (you are right, Nancy!). At least is creative procrastination…


Una risposta a "orchid in bloom"

  1. I have 18 orchids and the best thing to do is buy bloom booster from Lowe’s…it will last you forever and you only need to water once a week…definitely dilute it for one plant! I also am excited because I just found real washi tape at http://www.wishywashi.com/ your pictures are pretty!

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