not your usual advent calendar/CPH

postcard display inside Rigshospitalet

Rigshospitalet, the specialized hospital in Copenhagen, has set up a beautiful advent calendar. I love to find art in strange settings, and a public hospital facade is a great one.

Walking towards the building you will see windows lit up with artwork inside of them, and every day a new one is revealed. We went there and I took some photos…

close-ups of the artwork in the windows…

I’m curious to see the whole calendar! I will go and take more photos when all the windows are lit.

The artists who realized the windows above are, in order: Sophia Kalkau, Isabel Berglund, Hans E Madsen, Christina Bredahl Duelund, Lotte Tauber Lassen (if you click on their names you’ll be redirected to they websites).

I’m especially intrigued by the colorful window curated by Isabel Berglund. This is a picture of her artwork from the catalogue of the project.

She uses textile media, incorporating knitted yarn in her work. Below you can see a photo from an installation she made few years ago, City of Stitches. It’s a knitted landscape.

Anyway, apparently the city of Copenhagen has many strange advent calendars going on…we’ll try to find more. I know there is an underground artist, Kissmama, that every day of the advent takes the metro dressed like this,

photo via

…and exits at Kongens Nytorv, where he opens a new advent calendar window in the new Metro construction area. This is how Kissmama’s art looks like – I love this one!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

smiling at -5 degrees! Fabric Tape by Pugly Pixel

PS: some of you may know Rigshospitalet for Lars von Trier’s spooky TV series Riget (The Kingdom). If not, you must see it.


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