almost ready

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We are almost ready to leave for Italy, and we are hoping is not going to snow too much tomorrow…

It has been an intense period, both with Andreas’ work and my project, so we’re happy the holidays are about to start. I had to submit my thesis outline, and it took a while for me to redefine my focus. I’m very excited with what I came up with, and my supervisor has been really helpful and encouraging.

I do need more historical background besides all the anthropological stuff, and I just ordered this book about how San Francisco ‘became American’. It explains how San Francisco was born as a multicultural boomtown and it was then carefully ‘reordered’ in a racially and socially stratified metropolis (the book covers the period between 1846-1906). The book seems very pleasant to read and full of interesting stories, so if you like history you may want to check it out too.

But I will definitely spend most time in Italy just relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends. It’s Andreas’ first Christmas in Italy, exciting! And my mom got a new dog, just the other day. His name is Gastone, he is 5-year-old and comes from a pound in Naples, where he had a rough life. This is the photo my mom has sent me:

He looks like he’s half dalmatian.

Now it’s time to wrap the last presents…Happy Holidays!


Una risposta a "almost ready"

  1. bello gastone! non lo avevamo ancora visto
    ha un muso dolce e amaro nello stesso tempo (di uno che ne ha viste tante e non proprio belle) gli vogliamo già bene!!!!!!

    i gugini di ceste

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