Danish Boat House Lovin’

As part of my ‘watch-a-Danish-movie-a-week’ program, we watched a crazy children’s movie from 1969. The movie is called Farvel, jeg hedder Kurt (Goodbye, my name is Kurt) by Thomas Winding. It’s so very Danish 1969! I loved it, and I captured some screenshots to share here. We bought the DVD in a cheap supermarket, Netto, for 20 crowns. So the quality is not that good, I apologize!

The movie narrates the story of 6-year-old Alberte who decides to leave her parents, because they are always busy working or watching TV, and don’t have time to do fun things with her. She moves to the boat right outside her house, and decides that her new name is Kurt. She has always wanted to be a boy.

The parents are sad and miss her, but respect her choice. In the meantime she makes her boat into a nice boat house with the help of a strange lady who suddenly appeared on a row-boat. This is how Kurt’s boat house looks: the perfect hangout for a sunny Danish summer!

The parents start having lunch and dinner with Kurt, on the pier, and they get along better and better…I love this scene where she’s allowed to drink wine with mom and dad.

Mom and dad have such a good time hanging out on the boat with Kurt/Alberte that they spend less and less time in the house, and more time fishing and playing with their daughter….until they move in with her.

Finally they decide to leave their jobs and sell their house. They are going to live on the boat and sail towards the sunny lands, escaping the cold of Denmark.

The whole movie is sort of dogma-style, and it’s narrated by a voice over. The only sounds you hear are the bird singing and the water…I have never seen a children’s movie like this before! I’m glad I own it now :-)

PS: The little girl is a singer now.


2 thoughts on “Danish Boat House Lovin’

  1. Every child’s dream! I would like to see it too, I will have to wander around the internet and see if I can find it. Thanks for sharing that.

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