Happy March

I am sorry I haven’t been very active on my blog lately…I’m in the process of writing my thesis, a very painful process!

I managed to go to Italy for a week at the end of February. The weather was delightful (well, more than here in DK), and I manage to write quite a bit. I also tried macrobiotic food for the first time, since two of my friends are now following the macro diet. It’s delicious and perfect for a quasi-vegetarian like me, I especially like the teas they serve while you eat – and the price, so cheap!

Last weekend we went to Sweden, well ok, just to Malmo…on the other side of the bridge. We found an awesome vegetarian supermarket and came home with all sort of weird food, and a sample bag of strange nuts to put in the washing machine instead of detergent. I will let you know. I can already see the face of some of my relatives reading this….but they know me :-)

Right now I am planning the next gardening season – or I should say ‘balconing season’. I’m planting bulbs, and soon will start planting a bunch of seeds I have here: Paprika, Salvia, Cherry Tomatoes and…Luffa. I will grow them indoors beforehand obviously…here it is still painfully cold! We’re planning to grow our own salads, herbs and veggies this spring and summer, and I have just ordered two books about it: Grow Great Grub, by one of my favourite bloggers, Gayla Trail, and a more classic reference book, Bountiful Containers, by McGee and Stuckey.

Finally…among my current plans there is also sewing a blouse from a pattern I have found in a thrift store, a while ago. I bought the pattern because A) it was 10 Danish crowns; B) the envelope says: Three Hour Fast & Easy Sewing. I know it will take me more like 3 days, now. But I will post about that too. Here is the pattern, in case you are curious.


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