Catching up!

I’m back! I’m taking a break from writing the thesis – at least until tomorrow, and I can finally catch up with the blog. I have a lot of cool things that need to be posted and saved, but I will start by uploading some photos from our trip to Italy…ehm, last Christmas! Above is Andreas, in Milan, protecting his camera from baby-terror Noè…

This is the bench we want to buy instead of our couch. I love shopping malls! And so does Andreas, you know that!

We also did some sightseeing in Brescia, visiting my aunt & uncle.

My aunt has a couple of birds who live in the shower. When you turn on the water in the bathroom’s sink, they sing!

Then we had Christmas at Lake Garda, at another uncle’s place. The siblings opening presents…

My uncle and his bear.

And another prey.

I’m not sure what this is…a puma? Anyways, it’s probably gonna be our new carpet, in front of the new bench. I’m aiming at having our apartment photographed for the AD magazine. Perhaps these on the walls, in our bedroom?

My uncle has tons of these, and they are all locked in a room together with bears and pumas. His girlfriend hates hunting (smart woman), so all the trophies are here, in what I call the death room. Here’s an ‘action’ shot of Ando on the 25th, for the Christmas lunch at my grandma. That’s how we spent most of the day, digesting. He’s all set, playing snakes on the cellphone, remote control ready to his right, and grandma chair.

Then we played some games while somehow eating even more. We also play Risk (Risiko) and I miss it! It has been so long since I have last played.

Aunt Francesca ‘Ceci’ and brother Edoardo:

Why are we snacking on tomatoes and carrots after a huge lunch? Don’t know. Oh, and at lunch all the boys got a logic puzzle, so an hour went by when they were all trying to solve them. I think the only one who succeeded was Federico. The rest of them were mostly swearing and being frustrated…

Then we went back to Bergamo, after 3 days of eating non stop…

We had a nice New Years’ party at Sara & Mauro’s place, before going back to DK.

And this is the cake I got for the party, at my favourite bakery:


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