good times

The first part of my thesis has been approved by my supervisor, which is great news. Celebration time! Especially for Andreas, who for at least few days now won’t have to proof-read chewy sentences about Mexican immigration in California. As a bonus, spring is here. Or was… for at least 3 days in a row. It totally looked like this all over Copenhagen!

However, it was pretty cold – don’t be fooled by all those half-naked people. We really don’t understand how they can do that. Is it the beer? We enjoyed a couple of hours at the park. Copenhagen is amazing for parks, there are green areas all over town. Lovely flowers all over the place.

We have also just subscribed to a service that delivers organic fruit and vegetables directly to your door. So far we really like it. First we got the “Dogma Box” – which is a box containing only Danish veggies. We had problems identifying one of them, the rutabaga. Ever heard of it? It tastes good roasted with potatoes and red beets. Then last week we chose a fruit box and the “Vegetarian Meal” box. AMAZING!

Among the veggies in the box there were Purple Broccoli, Valerian salad and summer cabbage (thanks Bodil! we didn’t have a clue about that one). The box came with half a kilo of fresh tofu, organic fresh whole-wheat fettucini, and whole-wheat spring-rolls. Plus recipes to make a bunch of delicious things:

Some people ask us: is it cheap? Well, of course is not cheap…it’s organic produce delivered directly to your door. But is not very expensive either – for what you get. We definitely did way fewer trips to the supermarket, which maximizes our time. And we  can plan our meals in advance. We just buy milk, fish, bread and veggie steaks when we go to the shop. And as Andreas says: time is money :-) Plus you can get stuff only once if you want, or choose week by week, and change types of boxes, from the Fish Meal to the Boring Box. Highly recommended!

Lastly, I have started growing some plants. So far I have sunflowers and tomatoes, it’s exciting to see them grow so fast. I hope they won’t die when we go to Sicily for Easter! But I’m planning to give them to our “gardener” neighbors. Sunflowers growing….I found the seeds in a free advertisement postcard:

Then I got a little carnivorous plant from Andreas, on Valentine day…is it normal that it is already 13 inches (33 cm!) taller now?

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