A tour in the land of turtles

So much dust and so many spider webs all over this blog – I have neglected it for nearly two months!! But here I am, and I will start from where I had left: Sicily. Here you can look at some of the photos we took during our Easter holidays, I hope you enjoy them.

I recommend Sicily to anybody who loves food, the mediterranean sea, granita, religious festivals, hot sun, unruly traffic, baroque architecture and amazing landscapes. Our itinerary covered the south-east of the island, starting from Catania, then Noto, Ragusa, Modica, Caltagirone and a bunch of small villages and natural parks. Grab your favourite beverage, and join us on this trip!

Catania. Lovely and CRAZY. Do not drive there if you can avoid it!! Or do it and then park like this. Nobody cares anyway.

This is our rental car, “Lapo”, the very terrible FIAT 500 (such a bad car! How can you design a car with a big sunroof that doesn’t have a proper cover on it? So HOT inside).

Catania has a nice fish market. Just don’t wear sandals when you go there…(it’s a little bloody)

After two days in Catania we drove along the coast. We visited Avola. Have you heard of the wine Nero d’Avola? Well, in theory is from there…but in reality it’s not produced there, but in some other town nearby. Strange. Avola looks kind of like a Mexican town:

Avola has a nice beach. Completely empty around Easter time.

On to Noto, an AMAZING town where we were based for the rest of the holiday. We found an excellent B&B where we were served all sorts of delicious homemade things for breakfast, including briosche and granita!! (anathema for an American like Andreas :-). Our B&B had more than 70 turtles in the garden, it was hilarious! They keep reproducing non-stop!!

Noto has many beautiful baroque churches and palazzos, and it is protected by UNESCO. This is the main square at night, with gangs of vagrant teenagers:

Noto is close to many nice beaches and natural parks. The lady at the B&B was always helping us design the itinerary for the day, thanks to her we found lots of nice places:

Calamosche: in English, “the cove of the flies”.

We love the Vendicari natural park. Below you can see the old tuna processing plant.

And the park.

Too bad no pet kangaroos are allowed into the park. But we found a lovely dog in the parking lot.

Another must if you are visiting the Siracusa province is the Cavagrande park. A long hike but so worth it:

Easter Day in Noto: a huge party. A procession of Jesus resurrected AND of the Virgin Mary who’s happy to see Jesus, they leave from two different parts of town and meet in the main square. We were following Jesus.

When Jesus and Mary meet there’s an explosion of colorful Happy Easter little cards in five languages.

Priests supervising the procession. The guy to the right is the chief of the brotherhood that is in charge of the Jesus statue. Look at that medallion!

We finished our tour with Modica and Ragusa (lovely, and incredible food)…Caltagirone (didn’t like it so much) and a bunch of small towns. Here’s Ragusa:


Ando making ricotta in Palazzolo Acreide

Ok, I’d better stop here…I took some 300 photos!! This was our second visit to Sicily together, and the fourth time I went. I’m sure we’ll be back for more…


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