Kerry James Marshall

At a recent show at Gammel Strand I discovered American artist Kerry James Marshall, and I fell in love with his artwork.

“Vignette 13” 2008, K.J. Marshall“Could this be love”

“Better Homes Better Gardens”

“Vignette #2”

Marshall (below) was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up in South Central, L.A. He currently lives and work in Chicago. His upbringing deeply influenced his approach to making art: “You can’t be born in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1955 and grow up in South Central near the Black Panthers headquarters, and not feel like you’ve got some kind of social responsibility. You can’t move to Watts in 1963 and not speak about it. That determined a lot of where my work was going to go” (from the PBS website).

His work references a wide range of artists and art styles – from comic books to Renaissance paintings. In an interview with The Bomb he declared: “The issue for me has never been whether it’s possible to paint, but how to find a way to make painting exist powerfully in the face of all of the other options artists have available to them.”

If you want learn more about Kerry J.Marshall, here is a really interesting interview about his comic drawings project, “Rythm Mastr”, and here is another good interview from The Bomb (quite old though, is from 1998).


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