Things to Do in 2012

This is probably the first year that I am writing a list of resolutions…usually I write only one, mostly highly unrealistic. And I know, I know…New Year’s resolution posts are usually published at the beginning of January! But I was busy traveling and having various kind of dental problems, and I also had to get on my job search as fast as I could. Anyway, this is the list of things to do in 2012. I wrote it 15 days ago on a piece of paper. I’ll check back at the end of year and see how it went….

1. Buy No Books. This is a strange resolution for a book-addict like me, but I have reached the point where I hoard books anytime I can – both online and in stores – and they’re just piling up without me reading them. Not good! (But receiving books as gifts is OK). Which brings me to number two…

2. Read More. And in the case of the many craft books I have purchased both used and new: use more!

3. Knit Socks. Probably my most glamorous resolution. I yet have to finish my first pair, you can see the work in progress above. It’s kind of fun, and I’m sure it’s gonna be relaxing once I get a hold of the technique. I have seen people here knitting socks while waiting to go to the movies, or at meetings, or during festivals…

4. Write More on the Blog. Go ahead and check up on me on this one.

5. Make More Linocuts. Actually the ones I really like to make are made with vinyl instead of linoleum. Graphic art is one of my favourite ways of visual expression.

6. Make Handmade Presents. Because I have received amazing homemade presents for Christmas and it was awesome. Somebody is gonna get socks this year (hopefully!).

Photo: Visit Norway

7. Travel Somewhere Special. Like Norway to the fjords, or Japan.

8. Learn to Make Kombucha. I will! Because they don’t sell it here in Denmark.

9. Speak Proper Danish. Ja, det er rigtig!

10. Use my Rolleiflex.

11. Write Regularly.

12. Start & Finish the Sketchbook Project Notebook that I have received in the mail. My theme is “The science of story”. I’ll keep you updated. (Ando is participating too.) If you don’t know what this is check it out here.

13. Do Yoga at Least Twice a Week.

Do you have any special resolutions? Are they more than 13? Maybe I have too many…but I’m sure I will achieve at least one this way. Happy Year of the Dragon everybody!


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