Time for some update

The picture above is from a small pension in Berlin, Pension Funk. It used to be the house of a silent movie star from the 30s, Asta Nielsen. I’d love to stay there sometimes… Today we were daydreaming about our Easter holidays. We went to the Arnold Busck bookstore downtown, got two coffes and sat down with a bunch of travel guides: Armenia, Spain, Germany and a city guide of Berlin by Taschen (amazing stuff).

And….at the end we’re just probably going to Italy! But it was nice to get some ideas for future trips. We’re especially fascinated by Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, and the countryside around it. We also decided that it would be cool to do the camino of Santiago de Compostela, in Spain (a 700+ km walk). I love to think about new places to explore.

[illustration: Oliver Jeffers]

In the last month I have been very busy, that’s why I barely blogged. We had guests, we travelled, I have started going to Danish language classes every morning and I have also started giving Italian private lessons. I’m more motivated than ever to finally become fluent in Danish. I like my teachers and our current course is very interesting too – we talk about various topics concerning the Danish society: the school system, the Welfare system, the job sector, parenting etc. Every new thing I learn in class makes me feel like I come from a Third World country.

I’m also trying to watch more Danish movies and TV shows. This should help me learn this really, really hard language. (…And for the first time I watched a Susanne Bier movie. In my opinion you’re better off watching Mexican soap-operas, I’m not kidding! I guess she’s not my cup of tea…).

In the coming week I’ll try to go back to my blog “routine”…I have so many things I want to post, and photos I want to share. I’ll make some room for that, too! Have a nice weekend :-)


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