Blogging from Outer Space!

[image: Hobby Space]

This post is dedicated to one of the people I follow on Twitter. He’s a Dutch astronaut. That’s right! His name is  André Kuipers. Right now he is on board of the International Space Station, orbiting around our planet, and he blogs and tweets from outer space. Crazy, uh? I still cannot wrap around my mind around the fact that this is possible. In his Flickr account, blog and Twitter, André posts photos taken from the spaceship. I love them. They give me the feeling that our planet is so small – and so beautiful.

[photos by André Kuipers. Credit: ESA/NASA].

Above, in orbit around the Earth. Below: a photo of Somalia. And this is André…

One of my favourite photos is a view of Quebec with the title “From the warm waters of Polynesia to the cold plains of Canada in 30 minutes” (below). The ISS satellite orbits the Earth roughly every 90 minutes! That’s a tour around the world 16 times a day.

[Photo André Kuipers. Credit: ESA/NASA]

What about this view of the northern lights over the polar region (below) and André’s Russian colleagues performing a “space-walk”?

[Photos André Kuipers. Credit: ESA/NASA]

I love this photo of the crew celebrating New Year’s “every hour somewhere on the planet” [Credit: ESA/NASA]

I heartily recommend that you take a look at André Kuipers wonderful photo-diary from space. You can find his Flickr here, and this is his Twitter. His blog, in Dutch, is here. Enjoy!


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