Blog changes ahead!

I took this photo last month, in a cafè in Aalborg. I was hanging out with Andreas, Morten and Cathrine right after we spent a couple of days in Frederiskshavn for Andreas’ grandma 90th birthday. I meant to post photos from farmor’s birthday for so long, but I never got around to it! The thing is, blogging in English while learning Danish and writing everyday in Italian is getting really confusing at times. Every time I blog it takes me time to find the words in English, and I need to check the grammar very often. English is not my first language and many times it doesn’t feel natural for me to write in it.

So for the joy of many people who have asked me….I’m gonna try to write the blog in Italian, at least for a brief period, to see how it goes. I will also write a short summary in Danish, every time I write a post. We’ll see what happens! I may just change my mind after a month, you never know! Trying to add a little something in Danish should help me learning it faster, I hope. Anders, Bodil and Morten, you are very welcome to play the grammar police.

Oh, and I wanted to post this nice photo that Andreas took here in Copenhagen featuring the three Danish vowels æ, å, ø. It says “honesty, practice, openess”. So you have just learned some Danish too :-)


2 risposte a "Blog changes ahead!"

  1. This idea of changing the blog sounds like a good idea.
    So much for being the grammer police. You’ve not made a mistake yet :P
    The grafitti tag is all wrong though. Åbenhed, Ærlighed, Øvelse(the only correct one) I think it’s meant to be a mix of danish and swedish?

    Also, I hope youre having a great holiday in Italy. Love Anders

    1. Hi Anders! Thank you so much for your help, I didn’t know about the weird graffiti words…I asked Andreas what they meant when we took the picture of it, but probably he got confused. It sounds interesting with the mix of Swedish & Danish!

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