Recycle in Copenhagen: how to rent clothes, re-use windows and more…

Photo from Twitter (debuggirl)
Photo from Twitter (debuggirl) Bag by Tiger

There is a restaurant in Copenhagen where cooks make food with leftovers from supermarkets, manufacturers and other companies in the food business. It’s Spisehuset Rub&Stub, the first concept of this kind in Europe. Why waste food that is still perfectly edible when you can recycle it?

The whole staff works on a volunteer basis and the revenue goes to humanitarian development projects. What is not to like about it? Oh, and there is always a vegetarian course on the menu (photos below from their website – you can see the interior of the restaurant).


Before going out to eat some fancy recycled food surplus you should wear something nice…recycled as well. Pick up a nice dress from Copenhagen’s “shared walk-in closets”. I know at least two of them. Resecond is a membership based “shop” that allows members to rent nice dresses from a curated eclectic selection – how many times do we really wear our dresses? The idea behind Resecond is that women share their dresses with other women – they are invited to write some words about the dress on a label, too. So that memories are shared as well (photo from


The other shared closet in Copenhagen is Chare, started by the Danish Refugee Council as a way to raise funds and at the same time raise awareness about clothes waste. Chare is based on a monthly membership too, and offers beautiful dresses.

Another genius initiative in town is Genbyg, a huge shop selling reclaimed (or recycled) construction materials. You can find doors, old windows, floors, electric supplies – and they also have an online shop. On top of that they have a lab producing beautiful furniture made with recycled material (see below).


Christiania has also a very nice shop selling used construction materials (and clothes, and furniture, etc.), the Christiania’s Byggemarked.

Last by not least…since to paraphrase Shakespeare we are all going to end, ahem, as compost, the ultimate recycling idea is definitely the Bios Urn, a biodegradable urn to bury people in a more eco-friendly way. A tree will germinate in the Bio Urn (Pine, Ginko, Maple, Oak, Ash or Beech), turning us into a plant after our death. They are also available for pets. I saw some biodegradable urns in a really cool exhibit at the museum inside Copenhagen’s Assistens Cemetery a while ago. They are brilliant! As their slogan goes, there’s life after life. From their website:

beech-h1This post was inspired by a movie that Raffaella sent me: WASTE = FOOD, a documentary about recycling, waste production and cradle-to-cradle. You can watch the whole thing for free here.

And if you know of other interesting recycling ideas/concepts in Copenhagen – or in your part of the world – don’t be shy and leave us a message!

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  1. Ciao Valeria, sono capitato casualmente sul tuo blog perché stavo cercando qualche negozio a Copenhagen per poter noleggiare degli abiti per un matrimonio. Niente di paricolarmente ricercato, nè costoso….per caso sai darmi qualche indicazione?
    un saluto

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