Valentine & Hearts

Happy Valentine day/Buon San Valentino! Today I received tulip bulbs to plant, and a beautiful carnivorous plant called Dionaea. Andreas has received a nice review of his show on the Danish newspaper Information!! So we’re both happy Valentines.

After a day of writing I decided to post something on the blog. It was going to be an heart, and it took me a while to figure out how using photoshop, but I found a very good tutorial. That’s how basic my photoshop skills are right now! But I’m working on it.

The floral pattern I used is from a Japanese book I bought in Finland, Petite Pattern Book 2. I’m in love with it: it’s a collection of 300 patterns, including a CD-ROM with all the files in Jpeg and Eps. I have used it for my current banner, too. And the book is bilingual, not just Japanese :)

Petit Pattern Book is made by a wonderful design studio based in Tokyo, 2m09cmGraphics Inc. They also have a blog, but that is only in Japanese, unfortunately…

For more heart-shaped stuff this is another good tutorial I found. It’s for making heart shaped texts.


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