orchid in bloom

We bought this orchid plant in August, and it is not only always in flower, it is also blooming now! That’s probably the first orchid I own that doesn’t mysteriously die after few weeks. I managed to take some pics of a flower opening…

And here it is…

I believe the orchid is doing so good because I have been following Else’s advice for watering orchids: I give the plant 1 dl of rain water (or previously boiled water) every week.

The washi tape is from Pugly Pixel. There’s nothing like having to write a master’s thesis in anthropology to make me so active in doing things like cleaning the house, baking cookies and learning how to use clip art in Photoshop (you are right, Nancy!). At least is creative procrastination…


photo of the week


This one is from a couple of weeks ago, we spent a day in the Klampeborg/Charlottenborg area, north of Copenhagen. There were so many seagulls flying everywhere, and when I took this photo they were perfectly aligned in a circle…

photo of the week

I took this photo of the Hamlet castle in Helsingør a couple of months ago. We have never been inside, even after 3 years living in Denmark. Anyway, I’m re-designing my blog a little bit, and I’m trying to be more consistent with my series like Photo of the week and Minimal Book Review, for example. I’m planning to add new series as well.

I listened to this inspiring podcast about blog planning, on CraftyPod. Highly recommended if you have – or want to start – a blog.

photo of the week

photo Snikelarten

Public art on the corner of Broadway and Columbus, in San Francisco’s North Beach. The site-specific sculpture is called ” Language of the birds”, by Brian Goggin with Dorka Keehn. Lovely!

rainy day

View from Mary Kay’s kitchen, on a rainy day.

Photo of the week

My mom’s cat sleeping in the Bergamo jungle. I took this photo last month, in Italy.

just say yo!

We are back from a weekend in Frederikshavn, up in the north of Jutland, visiting Andreas’ grandma & meeting other family members. I took many photos that I hope will post very soon! I love that place.

I also passed my Danish exam. So now I’m in the 4th level which is pretty hard, but way more interesting since we’ll learn and talk about DK literature, culture, sport and blah blah blah. Sounds good. I still do NOT understand more than 60% when a Dane speaks to me at a normal Danish speed, but apparently my writing is still pretty solid, so I can maybe just start communicating only by notes. Strangely enough, Swedish is losing its appeal to me and now I like Danish better! Norwegian is still number one though. Luckily it is also written almost like Danish, so my notes strategy may work well there too.

Anyway, here a not very sharp cellphone pic of our walk back home from the local awesome German supermarket (Rema 1000). This is one of the lakes very close to our apartment, where we’ll go jogging soon (at least in my recurrent jogging fantasies). The water is about half a meter deep. Nice fluffy clouds.

And they sell a cake called Guf Guf at the supermarket. I thought it deserved a photo…


Photo of the week

Reading Andreas’ gallery pricelist can be amusing. Wanna buy his photos of Bug Sur?

photo of the week

Sometimes people ask me if Ikea in Scandinavia is different from Ikea in Italy. I guess in fact it is…do you need a maxi clog for your living room? I don’t think they’ve sold it yet…